Getting Rid of Cellulite Permanently is Easy

It is Easy to Get Rid of Cellulite Permanently

Dr Kirsher learned how to get rid of cellulite..Introducing Dr. Helen Kirshner.
..Here you will find out how to get rid of cellulite and that
..everything you know about cellulite is wrong.
 Cellulite has nothing to do with muscles or fat or
.how much exercise you do, or your weight or your
..genetics or your age.

At Age 26 she Noticed a Little Nodule

How to get rid of cellulite on legsIn just a few years it developed into a “Mountain Range.”
..Nodules all around her legs and buttocks.

..She said that it felt like
.“Orange Peel” disease out of control.

Tried anti cellulite cream

She tried everything that she could get

her hands on, just to try and get rid of this terrible condition.
No luck.

Exercising trying to get rid of cellulite

Tried losing weight through dieting and exercise.
She did get slimmer and she also was healthier,
but it did virtually zip for her cellulite.
Just a little bit and after all her efforts,
it just was not worth it.

Laser treatment to get rid of celluliteShe tried rollers and machines and she even went for radio-frequency and laser treatment. None of them helped her to get rid of her cellulite and accomplished nothing, only left her rather sore and for just a 30-minute session she was $500 out of pocket.Call to action on how to get rid of cellulite

scientists workin on how to get rid of celluliteThen one day she was watching TV and listened to a Dr. Rubin, who with his team of dedicated scientists in a laboritory in Switzerland was working on the problem of cellulite.He was the very first to start looking into the cause of cellulite. When the TV host asked about the current treatments of cellulite he just laughed and said, “Those are ….just a way to steal money from innocent people.”

how to get rid of cellulitehow to get rid of celluliteYou can watch her video on her
Cellulite Disappear Website

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They used 124 persons  in their test program and they had come
to an unbelievable and startling conclusion. 9 out of 10 women
will see some form of cellulite forming from the age of 25.
This is caused by the natural decrease of the amount of
estrogen in the body and this causes a minor change
in the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the skin
As this continues the production of collagen,
which is a protein, also decreases.

The Septae is the cause of CelluliteCollagen makes up the cords that are called Septea and they run from the skin to the muscle layer. So in effect they are responsible for holding everything together.
Just imagine that your skin is like a quilt and the stitches that are in the quilt are the Collagen Cords(Septea) that give skin its structure. Put more padding in the quilt and it will start to bulge as the stitches stay the same length. But in your body it is just the opposite. It are the Septea(Stitches) that shrink due to the decrease in estrogen, which cause the bulging and it looks as though fat is bulging out of your skin.

scientist working on get rid o celluliteThey had found what causes cellulite, but that is not all they found out. They also found out what exactly was needed to re-generate the Septea. It was a substance known as IGF-1 To cut a long story short, Helen was given the information and she found that the ingredients for IGF-1 were found in a multitude of foods.

papaya contain ingredients to help get rid of cellulite


These fruits contain Lycopene,
which is one of the ingredients


These beans have some ingredients to get rid of cellulite


These contain Hyloric acid
also a necesary ingredient.

papaya contain ingredients to help get rid of cellulite Adding certain foods to help get rid of cellulite.

She found all the required ingredients in every day food.
……..Costing about $12…

22 day cellulite planShe put together a 3 week plan and followed it.
After 11 days she was disheartened, but she kept going.
But on day 17 it felt as though someone had sanded them down a little.
On day 22 all cellulite was gone.

She Rang up Dr. Rubin

He was not surprised and asked for her plan.
They tried it on their 124 test subjects and after 22 days
124 people had gottenn rid of their cellulite permanently.

She then got together with him and 2 of his scientists
and they worked out in great detail the final plan,
which is at last available for purchasing.

Her Office Walls are Filled with Testimonials

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The pictures with their comments are all from her video.
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You can watch her video at
Cellulite Disappear Website

how to get rid of cellulite
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